Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What garden would be complete without Pea Pods? These climbers will attach to anything within reach. Place a trellis just behind the seedling and it will find its way up and around it. Tiny white blossoms precede an elongated green pea pod.

the time before
I was born
where was I

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's the first day of Summer and the small tomato plant is growing as tall as the trellis I set in the container. In a few weeks we'll have some fresh toms to add to our salad.

mid June
slowly watching green
turn to red

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bell Peppers are pretty easy to grow. I potted three BP plants a few weeks ago and already the blossoms are putting on a show. Little white bonnets, protecting the new bell bud from the elements...so far.

stages of life
some requiring
different hats

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Had to cut back all of the Maiden Hair Ferns because of late winter frostbite. Their black stemmed fronds held little or no leaves at winters end. This frond barely made it to Spring. They'll be back.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return to the garden 2010

Taking time to grow vegetables again, if only for the sake of a great picture! We'll see how this bud progresses.

This will certainly give me time away from the computer and out into the fresh air! Someone's got to water it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hydrangeas and the Heat

The weather continues to be hot and humid and I'm sure this extreme climate will be the norm instead of the cooler summers I remember while growing up in Southern California. Temperatures would vacillate in the 70's, not in the high 90's.

I remember my Grandfather's Hydrangeas would fill the flowerbeds at the front of his Ocean Beach house. Huge pompoms of lavender, blue and pink would captivate anyone who walked by, even prompting an occasional car to pull over to the curb to take a peak at the efforts of my Grandpa’s green thumb.

Hydrangeas were the first flowers I planted when we bought our home years ago, and they are still flourishing on both sides of the house, battling the heat at times, and delighting our family and friends with their magnificent presence. When the heat becomes a bit challenging I mist the flowerbeds fifteen minutes at a time and shade the blossoms from the direct sun to prevent scorching.

So far so good.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Home Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

Since food prices have gone up considerably, I have been trying to economize in any way possible to help not only with the energy crisis, but to put my two cents in to help the ecological economy in general.

Because my garden time is limited, a few years ago I found it easier to garden from flower boxes or flowerbeds, and this year I am growing vegetables in pots. It's very popular and easy to access when the product is ripe.

I stopped eating tomatoes from the grocery store years ago because they were, and still are, picked green and quite frankly they are tasteless. I bought one sixty-nine cent pack of cherry tomatoes and it has been producing delicious tomatoes for two weeks now. The yield is just right for my husband and me and now tomatoes have been added back into our meals.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Trumpet's Last Horn

As beautiful as the Trumpet Flower is, I am sad to say that I will be removing this flowering bush from the garden next week to ensure the safety of my Grandchildren's visits in the backyard. My oldest son gave me a starter shoot in a medium clay pot several years ago. The growth rate of this plant has been fast and phenomenal. It is now over ten feet tall.

I remember the first three trumpet blossoms that made their appearance in a transparent shade of white, and then delicately turned into a blush pinkish-orange colour at the widest end of their trumpet. I gave them the nickname of "dancing skirts" as each trumpet blossomed that first year.

I will miss the crowd of dancing blossoms but will always be gratefull for the photo shots they afforded me to have in my portfolio.

Morning Glorious

The heat spell in Southern California has calmed down a bit so I took the opportunity to weed the flower beds early in the morning.

My hot cup of coffee sat on the patio table as I furiously tackled the overgrown and out-of-control Morning Glories. They were trying to strangle the Bougainvillea bush and had jumped the fence to attack my neighbor's Orange tree on the other side of the brick wall.

I carefully untangled the vines from the Bougie but had to trim some of the small branches off of the citrus tree to release the death grip the Morning Glories had on its leaves.

I stared for a while at the gaping whole I made in my neighbor's tree and considered taking the offensive MG's completely out of the garden, but, when I watered everything down, a refreshing scene of purple and green promised to keep the yard cool even if the temperature decided to rise again. I sat back and quite enjoyed the purple flowers as I sipped on my lukewarm cup of coffee.

Maybe I'll take them out next year.